Virus, Heavy Metal, and Bacteria Detoxification

How many medical doctors have you seen?  How many ‘labels’ have you received stating you have this or that disorder, but they can’t actually state WHY that is happening, nor can they seem to fix it?  They just tend to mask the symptoms with Rx’s or strange supplements causing more symptoms along the way. Maybe you were told your body is fighting itself (autoimmune), or you’re just getting older, or ‘these things just happen sometimes’.  Does any of that sound familiar? Unfortunately, the answer to that is probably an astounding YES.


Well, it’s time for real help

What's Going On?

There ARE reasons for what is going on inside a body.  Dr. Kelly has been questioning the methods of conventional medicine and even some natural healing methods for years.  They didn’t seem to find or solve the root cause of her clients’ issues.  She had debated with many doctors and scientists and still did not receive solid answers.  Frustrating for them, and for her.  But then she was discovered the work of viruses and soon discovered the root cause of soooooo many illnesses, whether they had labels or not.


Viruses are nasty living entities that invade our body, deteriorate our health, cause us pain, fatigue, illness… and we haven’t a clue they’re inside us.  They are at the root cause of thyroid disorders, bone disorders, nerve disorders, autoimmune disorders, hormonal disorders, many emotional disorders, and even various cancers… just to name a few. These viruses can be passed down to us at birth, or we can pick them up rather easily as we go through life.  They hide in our system, growing, building, and 10 to 50 years or more, they pop up causing us all sorts or symptoms leaving us fatigued from traveling from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with us, when each and every one of those doctors tell us that we are basically healthy, that nothing is seriously wrong, and we just need to slow down, not worry, and enjoy life more.  Well, at least they got the last part right!  But there is something seriously wrong – otherwise we wouldn’t feel the way we do, right?  Well, WE believe you.  We are trained to look for the root cause of illness, and often it is viral.  You can’t get rid of viruses with antibiotics (they actually make them stronger), but you CAN get rid of viruses naturally with some dietary changes, specific supplements, a little patience, and a positive attitude!

We Believe You!

Heavy Metals

Believe it or not, heavy metals feed virus. And heavy metals are EVERYWHERE. They are in our water, our food, our air, and in the products we use! If our system is compromised, these heavy metals just build within us and end up making viruses stronger and can even oxidize in our bodies! They can complicate matters to the point of spectrum or attention disorders, nervous disorders or even memory disorders and dementia! 

So, let’s get the metals out! Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there on how to remove metals, but removing them NEEDS to be in a SAFE and proper manner so the body can carry them out and will not reabsorb them in a different area of the body. Food and supplements is the best way to do this – the only way to do this.

They are Everywhere!


Bacteria are another food for viruses. Streptococcus is a co-factor of some viruses.  It works as an army for viruses such as EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) and only exists to make it stronger.  There are many other bacteria that cause us harm, mostly because they are working with a virus making it stronger.  It’s time to rid the bacteria and take away the food for the virus.

We work with individuals to help them regain their health.  We work to find the root cause of the issues, take away the foods that are feeding the pathogens in the body, and give the body weapons to help make the immune system strong while killing virus and bacteria.  It’s as simple as that.  Have patience, and know that in working with us, each day you will be killing off the virus and bacteria in the body and regaining your health.  Knowledge is power, and if you’re reading this, you’re already on your way to healing your body!

Knowledge is Power!