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Natural Medicine, also known as Naturopathy or Holistic Medicine is a belief that the physical, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of life are closely related and factor into the overall health and wellness of a person.  Natural Medicine is not new.  It has actually been in practice for over 3000 years!

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Ann Harris
Ann HarrisIndianapolis, IN
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"I've been seeing Dr. Kelly for several months now.  She has really helped me in so many ways!  Who would have thought that natural methods could help just as much as the regular doctors and their "medicine"! Thank you for helping me get my life back."
Haley Finley
Haley FinleyIndiana
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"I have to say that I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly Doerr to anyone!  She is a loving, knowledgeable, resourceful and intuitive person!  I have loved the way she listens and is so concerned about what you need and want for your health.  I love 'natural anything' and she is 'natural everything' and has so many different venues and resources in the natural healing world at her fingertips!  I can say that anyone who decides to have Dr. Doerr as their Naturopath is going to benefit in more ways than one!"
Dr. AnnMarie Buttars
Dr. AnnMarie Buttars Kennewick, Washington
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"I am so impressed with Kelly and her love of helping people heal.  She is so amazing and puts everything into helping her clients.  I love when Kelly works with me.  I would recommend her to anyone ready to move forward with their life!"

Natura Wellness Uses Natural Medicine

Visit with us and quickly learn how Naturopathy is more of an approach to how the ‘whole’ individual should be considered, as opposed to a generalized treatment.  In Natural Medicine, there is no set protocol.  We are all different!  The overall goal of natural medicine is entire wellness, not simply a lack of dis-ease or physical pain.

With us, learn how to bring the body into balance through a healthy lifestyle, supplementation, nutrition, and light exercise to alleviate physical symptoms, regain balance, and allow the body (and you!)  to live a happy and healthy life.  There is an old axiom, “If you don’t have time to do something right the first time, how will you have time to do it over?”  Regarding you health, you may not get a do-over.    Let us help educate you in making healthy changes.  They can make a world of difference in your health!

Let us show you how Natural Medicine can help you help you!

Issues our clients have alleviated using Natural Medicine