Health Consultations


We believe your health and wellness is your greatest asset!  The body is an amazing source that can do amazing things – if given the right environment.  Let us help you find that environment.  Education is key in making sure you stay on the path to great health.  Whether you are dealing with certain and/or extreme health issues, or basic maladies such as a cold or flu, or maybe even an issue you aren’t aware of yet, but know something isn’t quite right – you’ve come to the right place.

If a healthy lifestyle is not pursued, it is not a matter of IF you become ill; it is a matter of WHEN.  Many people get caught up in the Standard American Diet and crazy schedules and don’t even try to change as they feel it’ll be too expensive.  But a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive.  Replacing unhealthy habits for good ones is simple switching that expense to a different category. 

About Supplements

Yes, it is true that most insurance companies do not cover the cost of supplements (HAS/FSA’s do!).  But insurance companies do not cover the cost of groceries or unhealthy habits either – just as car insurance does not cover oil changes or fuel.  You must take responsibility for your own health.  Most illnesses do not happen overnight.  We abuse our bodies for years eating the wrong foods, not exercising, etc., and then when we get ill, we want to be “cured” overnight, though that rarely happens.  However, with the basic care met, the body will respond quicker and more effectively to healing rather than merely masking the problem.

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Your Visit Includes

We spend time with you, listening to you, coaching you, educating you and getting to know you.  We feel this is important to getting to the root cause of health and wellness issues.  We help you regain your health! 

Whether you are male or female, young or old, healthy or maybe not so healthy… we are here for you!